How we work

A clear brief for what you are looking for is critical and it helps if you send us a brief description, along if with links to any Pinterest boards, your sketches photos etc

Bali Creatives was set up to help developers, architects, designers, retailers and others looking to procure existing products and manufacture in Bali, Java and South East Asia. 

Bali has become a mecca to designers from around the globe and there is consequently a vast talent pool and an amazing array of products available here and we provide a window into this world.  



The key though, is to get a clear brief for what you are looking for and what helps in this respect a brief description, along if possible with links to Pinterest boards, photos etc will give us a feel for your preferred style and ensure we can provide the best service.

Likewise have a look at our mood boards, as these will give you an insight into what is available and your feedback what fits your style. We will then follow this up by email and thereafter we can have a Skype or phone call to discuss your requirements.